Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Dream of a Better Philippines

I started this blog as venue for me to communicate my thoughts about my fellowmen and country. I wanted to show that not everthing is bad. I love my country but am deeply saddened by the corruption, poverty and prevalent selfishness around. As I travel and see more of the world, the more I see the problems and the root of such crisis. This blog is my small way of contributing to my country. Not everything is bad but ... there truly is a need for a change of heart and person in each of us. There is a need to change our ways and that also begins with seeing and acknowledging what is wrong. To see is to know and to know is power.

I did not want anything political to smear this blog but it's almost election time again and once more the game is getting worse - dirtier. I call on my countrymen to please vote wisely. Observe and know your candidates. Are they truly capable? Is their heart loyal to our country or to their pocket? Don't believe everything they say. Analyze. Look beyond their impressive advertising campaigns and jingles. Don't sell your vote for the immediate advantage offered today. Think about your future, our countrys future, and our childrens future.

As a closing, I just want to share this SMS message I got today. It's very short, but so bluntly true.

Philippine presidents evolution principle: Each sitting president is an accumulation of all demons of all predecessors with each change becoming worse than before. Break the evil chain, vote from the heart or don't vote at all!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Calling all Pinoy/Pinay Bloggers: Expats and OFW's

I just found Ka-Blog (Blogs ng mga kababayan sa abroad) , it's a blog that aggregates and collects Filipino blogs for listing.

Join and be part of this group. As Jim Paredes said on his blog, "Our OFWs can be the storytellers, narrators and witnesses of how the lives of ordinary Filipinos can move ahead if the system only allows them to. Their very lives are testimonies to this. Where for years, their dream of becoming something had not been possible in their homeland because of the social inequity and lack of opportunities, now they are proud, productive and prosperous people."

Let's share our stories, our lives, and it's ups and downs!

(PS. I also read that they acknowledge and award inspiring bloggers. Read the details here.)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Francis Magalona: An Artist that Awakened Pinoy Pride

I was still in Grade school when I first heard his hit, Mga Kababayan ko. In my memory, he was and is the first and only rapper who had songs that were not only good, they made sense and had values.

I also remember watching him on the movie Bagets 2, along side Aga Mulach and Herbert Bautista.

Sadly, just this month, he finally succumbed to his sickness, Leukemia. It was a battle that was highly publicized and read. Francis even shared his stories through his interviews and blog/site. I was never an avid fan, but I always thought of him as an icon. I also appreciate his music and art - his love for the Philippines that is very apparent in all his works.

If there is one positive thing that resulted from his passing, it's probably the awakening of Pinoy Pride. His works are now more valuable and more people are interested in them. Just last March 18, he was awarded by the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts. He was given a posthumous Presidential Medal of Merit. The award's was a recognition of “his musical and artistic brilliance, his deep faith in the Filipino and his sense of national pride that continue to inspire us.

Another sign of his massive impact in the Philippine culture is his T-shirt business, Three Stars and a Sun. The business is currently is booming. A long queue of fans and supporters, wait for their turn to purchase one of his shirt designs. A note of concern though, I hope that people don't take advantage of this. I hope that they buy ONLY the original shirts and support legitimate concert and tributes for the man.

FrancisM wears his latest best selling shirt, "PRIDE." Photo taken by artist and business partner at FMCC, FrancisM's official clothing line, Carlo Maniquiz.

Francis Magalona is the son of popular 1940's and 1950'sFilipino actors, Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran. For more information on Francis Magalona, please visit his official site (


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