Friday, October 17, 2008

In Gawad Kalinga Filipinos unite and take action!

When all else fails, it's always the private citizens and regular people who get things done. I commend each person who shared their time, talent and resources to help our brethren. Gawad Kalinga is one of the best programs/solutions I've known and the selflessness and self sacrifice showcased here is truly uplifting and encouraging. By the way, Gawad Kalinga is a Filipino term which means "to give care." To know more it, click here.

A childhood friend of mine has devoted her life to this cause. She graduated a 'cum laude' in one of the Philippines best universities and took up film classes overseas, and yet she has decided to be a mission worker, devoting her time to GK. Young and promising, she left the possibilities of a bright career and bigger income in the corporate world because her heart went out for the poor. She wants to help them and hopefully, make a difference.

Here's a video of Gawad Kalinga I got from YouTube, uploaded by fg4gk.

It is because of people like her in GK that changes are happening. Read more about others who are involved in Gawad Kalinga.


Anonymous,  August 25, 2009 at 12:48 PM  

Gawad Kaling (GK) has been known worldwide because of its mission to help the poor and to build houses for them. Being a nation building movement, GK have gathered different members from all sectors of society from the government, academe, corporate, religious, NGOs, and private citizens that shares the same goal of making the Philippines a first-class country in the near future. I'm proud that I'm
a member of GK! :)

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