Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bomb Disposal Robot by Filipino Students

Last October, Students of the Mapua Institute won the top prize for their invention of a Bomb disposal robot. Mapua is known as one of the top Engineering universities in Manila.

The robot is wittingly called MAC, short for Mechanical Anti-Terrorist Concept, and it won the gold at the First World Cup of Computer-Implemented Inventions in China. It was a tough competition between the Philippine's MAC and the UK's computer-programmed Braille system but in the end the MAC bagged the most coveted award.

Read the more about it here or watch the presentation to see the project.

You can also watch a news clip here.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in Manila

Happy Holidays everyone!

May you and your families be blessed with more happiness, love and peace! :)

Note: I miss holidays in Manila. Photos I used in this video were taken last year in Eastwood.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gawad Kalinga and The Pinoy Spirit

Amidst hard times and uncertainty, when recession and job loss is happening everywhere, Filipinos always remain jubilant, hopeful and resilient. They persevere and survive.

When I attended the Gawad Kalinga Paskuhan event in Macau, Dec 5 and 6, I was awed by the camaraderie and hardwork that my fellowmen exuded. And as I travel and see more of my fellowmen spread across the globe, an intense feeling of admiration and pride grows in me.

Tired from work or even out of work themselves, they took the time to spread the word for our poverty stricken fellowmen in the Philippines. I witnessed firsthand how they shared their time and talents to support a great cause - Gawad Kalinga.

Filipinos based in Macau, work late at night to build a sample of a Gawad Kalinga (GK) home.

With The CFC Community of Macau. These are the "Tito's or Uncle's" who lead this community. Working hard to build another GK village in the Philippines.

The Single for Christ members who shared their time and talents for the cause.

The CFC community celebrating Christmas with a cause - Paskuhan (Christmas) the Gawad Kalinga way.

Now you may be asking, what is Gawad Kalinga? It is a movement/program that uplifts the lives of the poor in the Philippines. More than just providing them with houses, this program rebuilds their lives and their spirit. This is a program that allows those who are more enabled to help and share their blessings. Watch this video to see how this program changed and touched lives.

Gawad Kalinga, is being supported by corporations, private citizens, as well as non-Filipinos who believe in the vision. One of them is GK Champion Dylan Wilk, one of the richest men in UK under the age of 30. Listen to a podcast where he explains his passion to fight poverty.

Also here is another video compilation of GK champions/GK heroes.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Manny Pacquiao more than a boxer!

I was out on vacation last week so my hubby and I never got to watch the match between PacMan and DeLaHoya. I did however hear that the Philippines' very own, Manny Pacquiao, won another match that will certify and strengthen his rising star as one of the worlds best boxer ever.

But more than being a boxer, I see him as a persona that:

1. helps unite our country, the Philippines. He bridges my countrymen. The divide between the rich and poor of our country vanishes as soon as he enters the ring.
2. he acts as a peacekeeper. Crime and Traffic in Manila is drastically low on days of his match.
3. he is remains to be an inspiration. A vast number of my fellowmen is poor. Manny was once one and yet he has risen to be one of the most popular sportsmen in our country and in the world.

I commend this man for rising above poverty and making the most of his talents! More power Pacman!

Watch his story (part 1) below. (Uploaded in YouTube uploaded by Nhinjo)
NOTE: other parts of his story are in Nhinjo.


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