Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Dream of a Better Philippines

I started this blog as venue for me to communicate my thoughts about my fellowmen and country. I wanted to show that not everthing is bad. I love my country but am deeply saddened by the corruption, poverty and prevalent selfishness around. As I travel and see more of the world, the more I see the problems and the root of such crisis. This blog is my small way of contributing to my country. Not everything is bad but ... there truly is a need for a change of heart and person in each of us. There is a need to change our ways and that also begins with seeing and acknowledging what is wrong. To see is to know and to know is power.

I did not want anything political to smear this blog but it's almost election time again and once more the game is getting worse - dirtier. I call on my countrymen to please vote wisely. Observe and know your candidates. Are they truly capable? Is their heart loyal to our country or to their pocket? Don't believe everything they say. Analyze. Look beyond their impressive advertising campaigns and jingles. Don't sell your vote for the immediate advantage offered today. Think about your future, our countrys future, and our childrens future.

As a closing, I just want to share this SMS message I got today. It's very short, but so bluntly true.

Philippine presidents evolution principle: Each sitting president is an accumulation of all demons of all predecessors with each change becoming worse than before. Break the evil chain, vote from the heart or don't vote at all!


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